Just because an assisted living facility doesn’t have fifty beds or more doesn’t mean it’s inferior in any way. Small homes need to meet requirements in order to be licensed, just like larger facilities do, and this insures a certain standard of care across the board. In fact, smaller homes are quite likely to be better! Customized and Responsive Care In smaller facilities, the staff can get to know the residents well and better understand their unique needs. The staff is also much more likely to notice and address any problems immediately. There is probably a smaller staff-to-resident ratio, insuring thorough care and quicker help. Smaller facilities tend to do a lot more for their residents. The rate of staff turnover is also likely to be low. In smaller facilities owners and the management feel a sense of pride about providing a well-run home for the seniors living there. Think for example of the better service you receive at a mom and pop store or a small boutique, compared to a large impersonal corporation like your cable company or a huge bank. As with any large institution, it takes a lot to run the bigger assisted living facilities. They require a large staff to keep on top of things, and a large staff requires another layer of management on top of that. To keep order there are likely to be rigid schedules and routines. It takes so much effort just to keep everything running smoothly that the individual residents living there can easily get lost and not experience the flexibility they need. Smaller facilities can instead adapt to the residents and their wants and habits. Ease of Communication Smaller facilities are able to communicate with residents and their families on a more personal level. When you call, you will likely be able to speak to someone in a high-level position of responsibility quickly. If you have a concern, you can be confident that you can easily reach someone who can help. Intimate and Less Stressful Environment A smaller facility is much more likely to feel like a home rather than an institution. It may, in fact, even be located in a house. Close bonds are formed both among the residents and between the residents and the staff. And we all prefer home-style cooking to that served by a big cafeteria! The small environment can be easier for seniors to adapt to and navigate, especially seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. With larger hotel-style facilities, it can be a challenge for residents just to find their rooms! The less stress residents experience due to their environment, the more they can enjoy their stay.   If you value having a responsive, caring, and comfortable facility, make it a priority to seek out smaller assisted living homes.