Untreated hearing loss has been linked to loneliness and isolation according to the Johns Hopkins’ Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health. Furthermore, it is thought that older adults with hearing loss attempt to utilize different parts of their brain to perceive sounds resulting in a larger demand from one’s working memory, leading to potential memory loss. Upon thorough assessments, Raya’s Paradise customizes care plans to residents’ specific needs. Updated assessments and wellness checks facilitated by on staff nurses affords Raya’s Paradise to observe changes in hearing loss and potential for increased loneliness and isolation. Raya’s Paradise combats loneliness by addressing changes in conditions through transportation to medical appointments to treat hearing loss, and 24/7 care to assist with hearing aid use. In most of our communities, you will also find intimate common living areas and gaming rooms for social activity. The dining rooms are shared and residents enjoy family style dining. We provide a calendar of structured social activities such as movie clubs, discussion groups and live entertainment. Our residents also have the option to choose to engage in off-site chauffeured trips escorted by community staff members: walks, shopping, movies and lunches. Raya’s Paradise understands the toll loneliness and isolation can have on health and well-being; therefore, Raya’s Paradise communities makes an ongoing effort to get older adults involved in the community and come out of their shell.
U.S. News & World Report recently released an article titled, What’s the Best Age to Move into a Continuing Care Retirement Community. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves the same question: when’s the best age to move to a board and care community? Older adults benefit from moving into a Board and Care sooner rather than later. Some older adults do not need as much assistance as they age. Raya’s Paradise Residential Care Communities cover the spectrum of senior housing options available. Residents are able to age in place without interrupting where they reside. Aging in place at Raya’s Paradise allows older adults to maintain friendships and continue receiving care from caregivers they know and trust. Moving sooner supports the thought that growing old in a familiar environment supports the well-being of senior residents. By moving at a time when care needs are less demanding, older adults have the opportunity to maintain living independently, while learning to get adjusted to a community environment. The fluidity of Raya’s care is vital to older adults and their families who do not want to worry about locating a new community due to increased care needs. Senior Home Advocates puts it best, “Large assisted living communities can be fun, exciting and resort-like…but some individuals prefer a more conventional home setting.” Raya’s Paradise Residential Care Communities are often referred to as home-like and intimate. It is a living environment older adults can age in with dignity. “The cozy personal feeling of family that only comes within an intimate setting much like the homes of our childhood.” Ultimately, moving into a Residential care community while younger is also contingent on when an older adult feels ready; however, a smaller community is often less intimidating and better supports an accustomed home-like environment without warranting a second move.